Code 400 PRO


Dual Color 30 Hard

SuperpanelPRO 30 new range

Extreme quality and performances for professionals.

The new SuperpanelPRO 30s have been designed to offer customers top-quality, user-friendliness at an extremely competitive price. They have all the winning features of the previous Superpanel 30s but are considerably sturdier and more practical to use with fully integrated electronics and no external power supply. All SuperpanelPRO 30s have both DMX/RDM and Bluetooth Long Range control with the Lupo Link app. While retaining their lightweight and compact characteristics, the new SuperpanelPROs have been developed to offer the best in terms of quality to professional customers (TV studios, film rentals and video productions).

Product specifications

Dimensions (mm):

350 x 353.3 x 117 mm

Dimensions (inch):

13.7 x 13.8 x 4.6 in

Weight (g):

4.9 Kg

Weight (lb):

10.8 lb

Voltage AC:

90 V – 240 V

Watt consumption:

220 W


14.8 V, 95 Wh, standard XLR 4 pin

Frequency (input):

50/60 Hz



Remote control:

Bluetooth Long Range / DMX / RDM

Intensity light dimmer


100 %

Colour Temperature

6500 K

2800 K

Colour Rendering Index







Dimming curves modes
1 - 3
Smooth dimming
8/16 bit - 1/512 Channels

Mains or battery operation

Perfect for video shootings.
In studio or on location.

The SuperpanelPRO are the latest generation LED panels designed for broadcast, film and video shooting. The SuperpanelPRO use 400 high-quality LEDs, with high luminous efficiency, to ensure an accurate colour temperature and a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). They emit an exceptionally powerful, uniform and enveloping light. Extremely lightweight, compact and handy, the SuperpanelPRO are ideal for use inside and outside the studio and they can be powered by the mains or on V-mount batteries. With huge light output through the whole CCT spectrum you will have all the light power you need for your footage. All Lupo SuperpanelPRO can be used with egg crates and the dedicated softbox for an even softer light emission.

Built-in DMX/RDM

Body in reinforced technopolymer for a more practical use.

The SuperpanelPRO Dual Color 30, like all LED panels, LED Fresnels and Lupo accessories, was developed to provide professional performances and is built with high quality components. Lupo products are designed to be reliable over time. The eye-catching design and the functionality of the SuperpanelPRO Dual Color 30 are the highlights of this compact, versatile and incredibly powerful new generation LED panel. LEDs were chosen for their high colour rendering (CRI > 96, TICI > 98) and for their colour temperature accuracy. By choosing a model from the SuperpanelPRO range you will be sure you are relying on a high quality and professional product.

Tuneable white

Available in the version with pole operated yoke.

Variable colour temperature from 2800 K to 6500 K. Very lightweight and compact (just 4.9 kg), easily transportable with their dedicated padded bags, they can be used in every shooting situation thanks to their operation with batteries or on the mains (universal 90 V — 240 V AC; 14.8 V — 24 V DC). The dedicated long life battery allows for a full power operation of about 1.7 hours. The weight of the battery is only 800 g and can be carried (along with chargers and accessories) in the same practical bag used for the SuperpanelPRO. The battery power connection is via a 4-pole standard XLR connector at the back of the panel.

Complete range for every need.

All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of accessories: batteries, v-locks, battery chargers, softboxes, carrying cases, tripods and clamps. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for SuperpanelPRO Dual Color 30 Hard.


SuperpanelPRO Dual Color 30 Hard Codice: 400 PRO

1098.00 +IVA