UltrapanelPRO Full Color Hard 30

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Clamp for fixtures

Die-cast aluminium clamp painted black with 16 mm (5/8") hex seat and 1/4" and M6 threads. Complete with flat adapter. The clamp weighs 0.5 kg (1.1 lb) and has a maximum load of 15 kg (33 lb). It can be adapted to fit tubes with a diameter of between 15 mm (0.51 in) and 55 mm (2.17 in). This clamp is ideal for professionals who need a practical, robust and easy-to-use accessory.

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Master Stand

The Master Stand is one of the most sturdy compact stands, both for shootings on locations and for professional shootings in studio. The opening of the three 22-mm-thick round legs extends to a diameter of 110 cm, making this stand ideal to support professional lighting fixtures for photo, video or movie shooting. The moderate weight of this compact stand ensures handling and transportability while ensuring security and stability. Arms and crossbars are produced in die-cast aluminium. The Master Stand is ideal for the Dayled 2000 and for all Lupo fluorescence models. It can obviously also be used with all other Lupo lighting products.
Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lb)
Length when folded: 105 cm (41 in)
Minimum height: 125 cm (49 in)
Maximum height: 360 cm (142 in)
Maximum load when fully extended: 10 kg (22 lb)

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DMX Cable

Shielded cable with two 5-pole XLR connectors to connect DMX devices. The cable is supplied in the standard length of 4 m. Different lengths are available upon specific request.

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D-Tap Cable 4 pin XLR

The D-Tap cable allows you to connect the battery to the unit. The cable is equipped with a 4-pole XLR connector that is inserted into the corresponding 4-pole XLR on the back of the models.

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Padded bag for Lupo lights

With the padded bag you can take your Lupo lights anywhere. It can hold n.1 Dayled 650 PRO (with barndoors), n.1 Dayled 1000 PRO (with barndoors), n.1 Dayled 2000 PRO (with barndoors), n.1 Movielight, n.2 Actionpanel, n.2 SuperpanelPRO 30,  n.2 UltrapanelPRO 30 and n. 2 HyperpanelPRO 30.

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Barndoors 30

The barndoors are a practical and ideal accessory that allows you to have a total control on the beam of light of the fixture. With them you can shape the light in total freedom. Very easy to attach to the main body of the fixture, these barndoors are lightweight but sturdy and robust.

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Lupo Cap

High quality snapback hat with structured body, flat visor and six panel construction. It features Lupo logo and it has embroidered ventilation eyelets. Made of 100% cotton and available in black with white logo. One size fits all.

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V-Mount Clamp

The V-Mount Clamp allows you to attach a V-Mount battery to the yoke of the fixture, to a rail, a tripod leg, a table and other objects using a heavy-duty metal clamp. The battery's contacts and connectors remain accessible. The clamp jaws can open up to 35 mm wide. Dimensions: approximately 55 x 60 x 44 mm (2.2 x 2.8 x 1.7 in). Weight: 105 g (0.23 lb).

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Softbox 30

The Softbox 30 is an ideal accessory to make the light beam soft and completely uniform. It can be attached to the body of the SuperpanelPRO 30 and the UltrapanelPRO 30 models in a few seconds and does not require other accessories. Made with care in all details, it is a professional piece of equipment that will be used both in the studio and for external shooting. The same softbox model fits all SuperpanelPRO 30 and the UltrapanelPRO 30 models of the Lupo range. It can also be easily attached to the barndoors of the DayledPRO 3000 and Dayled 5000 models. The Softbox 30 includes a removable fabric egg crate. 

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Eggcrate 30

High-quality fabric eggcrate for direct mounting on SuperpanelPRO 30 and UltrapanelPRO 30. The eggcrate grid is an important and professional accessory that gives you complete control of the light beam. With this accessory there will be no limits to your creativity.