Code 410


Dual Color 30 Soft

Quality of light

Single and soft shadows, for an
homogeneous effect.

Thanks to the exclusive True Colour Technology, the Superpanel Soft have a perfect colour output and do not produce casts. This fundamental and exclusive feature enables to avoid post-production interventions and allows a correct mixing with other light sources (like sun light).

Product specifications

Dimensions (mm):

335 x 320 x 100 mm

Dimensions (inch):

13.18 x 12.5 x 4 inch

Weight (g):

3,7 kg

Weight (lb):

8.1571 lb

Voltage AC:

90 V – 240 V

Watt consumption:

200 W


14.8 V, standard XLR 4 pin

Frequency (input):

50/60 Hz



Remote control:

Bluetooth Long Range / DMX / RDM

Intensity light dimmer


100 %

Colour Temperature

6500 K

2800 K

Colour Rendering Index







Dimming curves modes
1 - 3
Smooth dimming
8/16 bit - 1/512 Channels

Robust and reliable

Body in reinforced technopolymer for a more practical use.

The Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30, like all LED panels, LED Fresnels and Lupo accessories, was developed to provide professional performances and is built with high quality components. Lupo products are designed to be reliable over time. The eye-catching design and the functionality of the Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30 are the highlights of this compact, versatile and incredibly powerful new generation LED panel. LEDs were chosen for their high colour rendering (CRI > 96, TLCI > 97) and for their colour temperature accuracy. By choosing a model from the Superpanel range you will be sure you are relying on a high quality and professional product.

Operates on the mains and on batteries.

Lupo offers a range of battery powered accessories for all Superpanel models and all other LED panels and Fresnel LEDs. You will not have to worry about anything and just have to choose the battery kit that includes: a 160 Wh battery, a v-lock plate for Superpanels, a dedicated charger and a d-tap cable. Of course, all of our models are compatible with the best lithium batteries on the market, but with Lupo accessories we guarantee a practical, economical and professional solution.

Built-in DMX

Available in the version with pole operated yoke.

The Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30 is the LED panel that will make your professional shooting much easier. The technopolymer body, reinforced with carbon fibre, makes it robust and suitable for an intensive use. All Lupo lighting products are available with a pole operated yoke for use in television studios of all sizes. The operation of the Superpanel Soft pole operated yoke is simple, effective and reliable over time. All models with pole brackets are supplied with a 28 mm spigot.

Variable colour temperature from 3200 K to 5600 K.

All models in the Superpanel range are designed to make life easier for professionals in the photographic and video industry, and silent operation is one of the key features of all of our lighting products. The high-frequency electronics guarantee a truly flicker-free operation even for high-speed video shooting. Put the Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30 to the test. You will be more than satisfied with it.

Intuitive settings

The ease of use that you have always wanted.

The digital display on the back of the Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30 allows you to clearly and easily visualize the light intensity you decide to set, the chosen color temperature and the DMX channels. All functions and settings are designed to make life simpler for professionals.

Complete range for every need.

All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of accessories: batteries, v-locks, battery chargers, softboxes, carrying cases, tripods and clamps. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for Superpanel Soft Dual Color 30.


Superpanel Dual Color 30 Soft Codice: 410

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